kagal cetp
Normal shut-down procedure
Total Shut-Down

It will be advantageous to carry-out the maintenance work of effluent treatment plant in a phased manner during the lean period since it will avoid the total shut down.

Before restarting the units under maintenance , all the precautions taken during the start-up should be observed.

Operate the blowers in the aeration tank at least 24 hours before taking the wastewater into effluent treatment plant to aerobic condition. If necessary cow dung may have to be added to ensure enough microbial populations in the system.

Power Failure

If here is a power failure at the treatment site following precautions should be taken.

It is strongly recommended that alternate power sources like DG sets are installed to Purchased provide power to blowers of aeration tank during power failures.

After power restoration , the content of the aeration tank should be will aerated only after the dissolved oxygen level is found to be satisfactory , wastewater be allowed to introduce into it.

C.E.T.P. Treatment Process Chart