kagal cetp
Operation Procedure of the Plant

The following gives a general idea for start up of the various units. Variations from the procedure may be adopted wherever necessary. In order to ensure a smooth start up,it is essential that sufficient attention be paid to the pre-starting procedures. Few of these may be considered only during the pre-commissioning time and may not be necessary to report them on subsequent start-up.

General lines an equipment

All process lines and equipment must be systematically checked for loose flanges and fittings, missing valves, plugs, gaskets etc. Check that the valves are correctly installed.

Motors should be run uncoupled to check direction of rotation. Check that pumps and gears are lubricated with correct lubricants

Waste water and hydraulic tests

All the civil structure and especially the water retaining units should be teste hydraulically as per relevant standards. The tanks should be filled with water and left for a minimum period 72 hours. Leakages and wet patches should be marked and repaired by grouting or suitable methods.

All pipelines should be tested to ensure the conveyance of desired flow rate. Before receiving the wastewater, the aeration tank and clarifiers should be filled with water.

Safety Data

Persons handling hazardous chemicals should be Provided with safety shoes, goggles and rubber gloves. In spite of precautions being taken if the operator comes into Contact with chemicals, the immediate action should be the removal of contaminating chemicals from affected parts of the body by flushing with large amounts of water. In case of eyes,the flushing should be continued at least 15 minutes.