kagal cetp
Environ monitoring plan

The common effluent treatment facility at kagal-Hatkanangale, will comprise Of following stages.

  • Physico-chemical Treatment
  • Biological Treatment
  • Tertiary Treatment

As per scheme the influent will be collected in the sump and then it will be treated in a stepwise manner to bring down the pollutants at different stages. The effluent after activated carbon filter will be collected in the treated water collection tabnk.

For smooth operation and to achieve the treated effluent quality, regular monitoring of the plant is very much required. The samples from different stages of treatment shall be collected and analysed as per details given in the following table. Samples will be analysed in the CETP laboratory and record will be maintained on daily basis.

Treatment stages
Parameters Equalization Tank Primary clarifier outlet Aeration Tank Secondary clarifier outlet Intermittent storage tank Treated water storage tank
PH Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Deposit
Temperature Daily   Daily      
COD Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily
BOD Thrice/week Thrice/week Thrice/week Thrice/week Thrice/week Thrice/week
TSS Daily     Daily Twice/week Twice/week
NH3-N Once/week   Twice/week     Thrice/week
Total-P Once/week   Twice/week     Thrice/week
Oil/Grease Thrice/week Thrice/week       Thrice/week
CN Once/week         Once/week
TDS Daily Once/Week       Daily
MLSS/VSS   Daily Daily Daily   Daily
DO     Daily      
SVI     Daily      
Residual Cl2           Daily
Sulfides Thrice/week          


  • All parameters in mg/l except pH, temperature & SVI
  • pH has no unit , temperature in Cash , & SVI as gm/ml
  • All above samples are composite of 24 hrs . Collected by 8 hrs interval