kagal cetp
Normal operation of C.E.P.T.

Before taking the wastewater into Biodegradation Plant for the normal operation the following have to be ascertained.

  • Aeration tanks are ready with Activated Sludge. remove grass, stone and any inert material from the cow-dung.
  • Check pH of the combined effluent in Equalization Tank and also start the mixers so that mixing of the effluent takes place
  • Also check that Lime , Ferrous Sulphate /Alum , Polyelectrolyte solutions are ready and are in enough quantity to treat effluent for the entire session. Take a trial run on Laboratory scale on effluent using same solutions of Lime Ferrous sulphate/Alum, Polyelectrolyte.
  • Start raw water transfer pump and addition of line solution to bring pH of the effluent to about 10.5 and add Ferrous Supphate solution to bring pH around 7.5 and then add polyelectrolyte to form flocs.
  • This effluent is sent to primary clarifier. Here sludge will be settled and clear effluent is taken to aeration tank. Make sure that entire sludge is settled in clarifier , If not, adjust effluent flow.
Common effluent treatmen (Plant capacity -10 MLD) Features
Parameter Data
Year of construction 2007-2008
C2. Cost of project Rs. 1170 Lakhs.
Designed and constructed by M/s SMS infrastructure Ltd, Nagpur.
Source of effluent Kagal-Hatkanagle, five star industrial Area, Textile Zone.
Hydraulic loading 10 MLD+5MLD Augmentation.
Treatment scheme Primary , Biological, Tertiary Treatment.
Mode of disposal Treated effluent to HRTS and recirculation for 3 plantion. Sludge to hazardous Waste disposal site of ranjangaon.
Electrical load 588HP-439KW. Power back up with D.G. set
Laboratory Facility Full fledged laboratory Facility is provided.