kagal cetp
Introduction of C.E.TP.

Water is on e of the most important element on earth. Every living being needs water for its survival. Without water, plants , animals , microbes-everything will perish. population growth-coupled with industrialization an urbanization has resulted in an increasing demand for water. Thus, leading to water crisis and Serious consequences on the environment. A rapid industrialization has lead to the industrial effluents and sewage. The effluent stream coming out of the industries is mainly comprised of the hazardous chemical and heavy metal ions. These contents are very toxic in nature and harmful to the environments. Waste water are normally treated by a combination of physical , chemical and biological operation.

Our project is based on the "Common Effluents Treatment Plant" situate in Pune-Banglore National Highway No.4 near Gokul – Shirgawn, Five Star MIDC, Kagal, Kolhapur. This CETP collects the effluents from four different industries located in this area, Which are as Soktas. Raymond Zambaitii , indocount and Oswal.


Considering the uniqueness of Common Effluent Treatments Plant CETP manages the transportation, collection, treatments, storage and final disposal of effluent. This plant is composed of skilled managers and employee who have come together in an environments characterized by enthusiasm and passion for clean and green environments.

The people behind this plant have more than 10 year of experiences in managing and handling the waste water This CETP is the set of various installation where the waste water of this four industries are again treated to prevent contamination of receiving water to a degree which might interfere with their best or intended use, weather it be for water supply for plantation or any other required purpose.

About of C.E.TP.

Many of the small scale industries are unable to put of the treatment and system individually , the concept of CETP’S [Common Effluent Treatment Plant] is envisaged to benefit such industries is treating it’s effluent before disposal whether it is in stream , land , sewerage system or in rivers and seas . CETP’S are set up in the industrial estates where there are cluster of small scale industrial units[sis’s] and where many polluting industries are located.

The Ministry of the Environment and forest , Government of India has launched the centrally sponsored scheme , namely ‘Common Effluent Treatment Plant’ in order the make a co-operative movement of pollution control especially to treat the effluent emanating from the cluster’s of major objective of the CETP is therefore, to reduce the treatment cost to be borne by an individual member unit to a maximum while protecting the water environment to a maximum the proposal for setting up of CETP by such industries to be submitted by the CETP association to the respective state pollution control board , while after examine the proposal and obtaining commitment from the concerned state Government regarding it’s contribution will give their recommendation to the Ministry of Environment and Forest for consideration , the Ministry examine the proposal and takes the decision through a screening committee constituted in this regard for providing support from the central Government.