kagal cetp
About Five Star M.I.D.C., KAGAL.

Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) is the primary industrial infrastructure development agency of the Maharashtra Government constituted under the Maharashtra Industrial Development Act, 1961. MIDC was establishment on 1st August , 1962. With the provision of industrial areas with provision of industrial infrastructure all over the state for played a vital role in the development of infrastructure in the state of Maharashtra. MIDS has developed more than 195 industrial estates across the state spread over 45,000 hectares land.

MIDS is also a ‘Special Planning Authority’ for all its industrial areas for various functions such as selection of land , planning , developments and management of industrial park.

Activities of MIDC
  • Developments of industrial area by acquiring land.
  • Construction of road , drainage system provision of street light in the industrial areas.
  • Planning , implementing and managing water supply schemes.
  • Establishment of effluent collection disposal system for chemical zones.
  • By ancouraging Government of India sponsored Common Effluent Treatment Plant in Maharashtra , MIDC 8 has made conscious and betterment of environment quality in chemical industries area.
Establishment and history of Kagal C.E.T.P.

Kagal CETP was constructed to treat the effluents from industries at Five Star MIDC in 2008–09 At the currents moment plant is operated and maintained by "THERMAX LTD, Pune Plant receives effluent from industries such as Raymond, Soktas, Oswal Indo-Count and Nagreeka. The proposed CETP is designed for 10 MLD of waste water from there industries shall be gravity or at same places by raising main through a pipeline to the CETP waste water collection sump.

The 1st CETP scheme was launched in the year 1991. In India total CETP plants are efficiently under working. Out of that 11 CETP plant are in Maharashtra. In Maharashtra the installation and working of CETP is under MIDC where as the total control about quality is under control of Maharashtra pollution control Board [MPCB].