kagal cetp
Kagal Hatkanangle Industrial Area

Kagal-Hatkanangle Industrial Area is one of the newly developing Five star industrial areas in Kolhapur Region of state of Maharashtra. The industrial area houses many large, medium and small scale industrial and export oriented units. As a part of national environmental policy and to abate industrial pollution , it is proposed to set up common effluent treatment plant (CETP) by Maharashtra Industrial development Corporation (M.I.D.C).

Design , construction , installation , commissioning of CETP is entrusted to SMS infrastructure ltd. , Nagpur on turn-key basis along with the contractual and opration and maintenance for two years.

The proposed CETP is designed for 10 MLD of waste water with the provision of 20 % hydraulic overload for safely and provision is kept in layout so that in future it can be expanded to 15 MLD capacity.

The design of CETP was based on the information provided in the tender document. It was decided to design CETP for the following inlet quality and quality of waste water.

Effluent Inlet Quality
Sr.No Parameter Unit Values
1 PH   5.5-8.5
2 COD mg/l 1800
3 BOD3 at 27 deg C mg/l 800
4 Oil and Grease mg/l 20-50
5 Total Suspended Solids mg/l 100-500
6 Total Dissolved Solids mg/l 2100
Effluent Quantity: 10000 M3/Day (10 MLD) with provision of 20 % Hydraulic overload.

Note:  Effluents from the industries shall be collected by MIDC and sent to the CETP by gravity or at some places by raising main through a pipeline to the CETP wastewater collection sump at uniform rate The invert level of the raw effluent supply pipe line of MIDC has been fixed at RL 576.0 m as per MIDC records.

Quality of Treated Waste Water
Sr.No Parameter Unit Values
1 PH   6.5-8.0
2 COD mg/l 60 to 80
3 BOD mg/l < 30
4 Suspended Solids mg/l < 100
5 Color Pt-C0 Unit < 100
6 Oil and Grease mg/l < 10
7 Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) mg/l < 2100 Or as per Schedule-6 of EPA
Mode of Disposal: The treated effluent conforming to above standard shall be disposed off to HRTS site developed by MIDC.